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At mekongcruisetrip.com we are pleased to offer you the wide range of cruises on the charming Mekong river through the beautiful countryside of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Joining our comfortable cruises, you will enjoy a cultural journey, a great opportunity to understand more about the simple life along Mekong River. Take a few days to explore the floating markets, meet friendly and hospitable local people,  take part in all activities such as farming, fishing, weaving, biking… is really an interesting experience in your holiday. Mekong cruise ; Mekong tours ; Mekong delta tours

Mekong river cruise - the perfect way to relax, discover and refresh your life!

Mekong cruise, Mekong tours, Mekong delta tours


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MCV1: Mekong Cruise by Lecochinchine 2 days                MT8: Mekong cruise 3 days Saigon - Phnompenh

MCV1:Mekong cruise by Le cochinchine 2 days
LE COCHINCHINE III is entirely made of wood,long of 33 m and wide of 7m00 . The boat accommodates 28 passengers in 12 cabins with a.c and private bathroom with hot water .
MCV4:Mekong cruise Saigon - Phnompenh by Le cochinchine 3 days
This trip is a combination between traveling by road and by river. You will enjoy 1 night on Le cochinchine boat, 1 night at hotel and few hours with speed boat on Mekong river to travel from Saigon to Phnompenh. It offers great experience for ...
MCC8:Phnompenh - Saigon cruise by Mekong feeling 3 days
The Mekong feeling is built for short to medium-range cruises. The boat can accommodate 16 guests with 8 comfortable private rooms including bathroom, a sunbathing yard and an elegant bar.
MCC23:Mekong cruise Siemreap to Saigon by RV La Marguerite 8 days
La Marguerite, a 46 room French colonial style vessel, offers an unparalleled cruise experience between Saigon and Siem Reap. A luxury mekong cruise!
MCV28:Mekong cruise Saigon - Siemreap by Jayavarman 8 days
Enjoy mekong cruise from Saigon to Siemreap by Jayavarman boat- the boutique style river cruise liner. It offers uncompromising luxury, friendly atmosphere and comfort with 27 expansive cabins.
MT8:Mekong cruise 3 days Saigon - Phnompenh
There are many ways to get to Cambodia from Saigon. One of those becoming popular is by speed boat through The Mekong River. 3 day trip from Saigon to Phnompenh will offer you the best choice to discover Mekong Delta area. The trip starts from ...

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Mekong cruise ; Mekong tours ; Mekong delta tours
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